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Acne Treatment Regimen

1) Wash face with Lever 2000 Soap ( Silver box/Green Stripe) at least
three times per day or Dove for sensitive Skin
Before work/school, After work school and at bedtime.
Cleanse the face gently do not scrub roughly. Use a fresh wash cloth.
2) Apply witch hazel as an astringent via a cotton ball
3) Do not sleep on a dirty pillow case.
4) Avoid chocolate, spicy foods, ethnic foods.
5) Take antibiotic twice daily for 7-,19, -14 days as directed
6) Wash Hair at least once weekly and avoid hair hanging in Face

Be Patient !!! There is no quick cure. You can control the acne but
remember that despite good treatment and care, there may be times
when the acne will flare up.

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